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42" Pallet Rack Containers

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IBC Containers

Intermediate bulk containers - Passport Tank Bulk Liquid Shipping Container

75 Gallon Capacity
Available with Steel or Wood Pallet Base

Suited for domestic or export use, the 40" x 48" steel or wood pallet design
ensures dependable and economical usage. Meets requirements for chemical,
paint, lubricant, semiconductor, food and beverage industries.

These containers can tolerate liquids up to 150ºF (provided containers remain
uncapped and unmoved until liquid is cooled).


  • UV-protected high-density polyethylene blow-molded bottle
  • Square zinc flow-coat steel tubular protective cage
  • Bottle has bottom drainage channel with 2" interchangeable polyethylene
          plunger-style valve with Vitron® gasket

    Regulatory Information
  • Labeled UN 31 HA1

  • Heavy-duty, easy access, four-way pallet
  • Safely stack three high
  • Compatible with several competitor's designs
  • Standard with label plate

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Tote Tank / Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Heaters


Several Styles of IBC Heaters Available

Tote Tank / Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Heaters

Millions of IBC Totes are found in warehouses, freight cars, loading docks, and trailer beds. While transporting them may be relatively easy, keeping their contents from freezing is far from a walk in the park. Millions of dollars annually are lost due to spoiled/frozen IBC products including food, dairy, chemicals, polyurethane, petroleum, and other temperature sensitive materials.

Keep Them Safe and warm with IBC Heaters

  • Speed up the flow of products like honey, molasses, lube oil, biofuel, etc. stored in bulk containers
  • Safely heat: Does not contaminate or scorch your product
  • Warm bulk tote tank contents at a required temperature
  • Viscosity control
  • Freeze protection
  • Thermal mixing
  • Temperature maintenance
  • Biofuel / Biodiesel

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Used Equipment Deal of the Month

Steel Bulk Containers


These are 30x32x25 outside dimensions with 4 drop gates, solid walls.

They have never been used at all, brand new.

FOB: Kentucky.

Hurry These are going to go fast!

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Keep Birds & Bugs Out with DuraShield Doors

bug doors, screen doors

A cost effective way to provide ventilation and natural sunlight to buildings while maintaining an insect free environment and a barrier from unwanted pedestrian flow.

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