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E-Newsletter for the week of 10-24-2011

This weeks E-newsletter features containers and totes to aid in handling, processing, storage, stocking and displaying materials and goods. Ted Thorsen brings you quality industrial storage containers.  Our large variety of industrial storage containers will meet all your industrial and personal needs for storage containers.

StakPak Straight Wall Containers
With Attached Lids

  • Different sizes stack together
  • Smooth, straight interior walls offer maximum cube utilization
  • Solid, smooth bottom helps noise reduction
  • Reinforced external ribbing for maximum stacking strength
  • Lifting slots compatible with robotic lift and manual lift assist equipment
  • Ergonomic handle on two sides for easy lifting
  • Fingertip handles on adjacent sides (7" and taller containers)
  • Continuous bumper to keep dirt and dust from contaminating product
  • Optional card holders available (sold separately)
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    Flipak® Attached Lid Distribution Containers

    Flipak® Features
  • Superior economy, lower cost per trip compared with corrugated boxes
  • Injection molded high density polyproylene.
  • Attached hinged covers open easily and close with a tight interlocking fit to provide maximum protection and security.
  • Returnable and reusable for over 250 trips.
  • Containers stack securely, and nest securely when empty for optimum space utilization in trucks, trailers, storage and on pallets.
  • Hot stamped letters / logos and sequential numbering are available Call Ted Thorsen 1-800-233-8358
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    Agricultural Containers

    Reliable handling, processing, storage, stocking and display is critical
    in today's modern food distribution systems. Protect and transport
    your product with high quality, impact resistant, durable and reuseable
    hand-held agricultural containers. Smooth surface for easy cleaning
    and superior product protection.

  • Stack securely when full and nest when empty.
  • Ventilated design for fast cooling, easier cleaning, accurate
          temperature control and minimized cooling time.
  • Ergonomic handles on the OR-SNX2416-7 make handling easier.
          Smooth bottom for reduced product damage.
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    Euro-Fix® Modular Straight Wall Containers

    Stack-Only Containers For Storage, Distribution and
    Work-In-Process Applications

    Euro-Fix® Containers are a true family of products which can be
    interstacked on a pallet.

  • Open mesh sides & base allow high visibility and good air flow
          for refrigeration or drying.
  • Sturdy stacking rims ensure secure stacking
  • Modular to 48"x40" pallets
  • Designed for high cube utilization and strength.
  • Ribbing affords high integral rigidity
  • Made of high-density polypropylene
  • Resistant to most oils and acids
  • Can withstand temperature extremes
  • Available in grey and red
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    ESD Safe Divider Box Containers

    ESD Safe Divider Box Containers

    ESD Safe Horizontal Dividers

    ESD Safe Vertical Dividers

    ESD Safe Covers

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    Tub & Rack Combo - FDA Approved Tubs

    Heavy-duty, industrial-grade nesting tub. Manufactured from FDA-approved materials. Smooth surface is easy to clean. Nests when empty to conserve storage space. Use theAkro®-Tub Rack to provide easy loading and transport of multiple tubs. Color: Gray.

    Tub Features:
  • Rounded corner design adds strength to stress points
  • Extra thick walls for superior strength
  • Rolled top rim forms comfortable handles
  • Ribs prevent jamming when nested
  • 75 lb. capacity per tub
  • Order in Carton Quantity

  • Holds 6 tubs on angle-iron sliders for up to 600 lbs. total capacity
  • Welded steel frame with 12-gauge base
  • Bolted on casters (2 rigid, 2 swivel)
  • Tubs sold separately
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    Industrial Heating Equipment

    Drum Heaters Snow Melting Walkway Matting Snow Melting Stair Mats Self-Regulating Heating Cable
    Drum and Pail Heaters snow melting walkway matting Snow Melting Stair Mats SLCAB Self-Regulating Heating Cable
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    Used Equipment Deals of the Month

    Powered Trolley with Powered Lift Table

    power drive list table

    Now Just $1630

    Hurry Just 8 Left at this Price


    • Table dimensions: 22" x 43".
    • Lowered height: 18 ½" .
    • Raised height: 65".
    • Drive motor: 300 watts.
    • Lift motor: 370 watts.
    • Lift speed: 15 seconds.
    • Batteries: (2) 12v 40 A.H. included.
    • Charger: included.
    • Charge time: 8.5 hrs.
    • Front wheels: 10" pneumatic .
    • Rear swivel caster: 6" x 2" grey non-marking.
    • Maximum climbing incline: 6° .
    • Motor controller: Curtis 110 amp.

    Specs for the Power Lift and Drive Table

    Part Number
    Capacity (lbs.)
    22” x 43”
    Weight (lbs.)


    Wood Dollies

    wood dollies
    wood dollies
    wood dollies

    Solid Platform Dollies


    3" Casters

    Flush Open Dollies

    36" x 24"

    3" Casters

    Open Deck Rubber Ends

    30" x 18"

    3" Casters

    Now Just $ 22.99
    Now Just $19.99
    Now Just $ 19.99

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