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Ted Thorsen Material Handling and Reusable Packaging Products, Inc. is celebrating our 58th year as a material handling products supplier. Located in Northeast PA, we have proudly offered competitively priced, cost-effective material handling solutions, as well as custom designs to our national and international customers.

Our material handling products suit a full range of industries, including apparel and soft goods, retail, manufacturing and distribution, electronics and assembly, automotive, healthcare and pharmaceutical, hospitality, and more.

Our Custom Capabilities set us apart from our competition, whether it's a modification of an existing product or a totally new custom design

Material Handling For Everyone

Browse our catalog, newsletter, or website and you will see that Ted Thorsen Material Handling has all of the material handling equipment to keep your business running smoothly. Your business does not have to be a warehouse or distribution center, we have many items that can be used for several applications. Even if you are an office, store, contractor, garage, hotel, or landscaper, we have items to suit your needs.

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Shelving and Racks

labels, label holders

Shelving and racks can be found at a variety of different types of shops including; jewelry stores, bakeries, medical stores, clothing stores, and children's toy stores. The uses of these racks vary according to the needs of the user. We have racks to suit every need, point of purchase, filing, storage, etc.

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Storage Bins, Baskets, and Trays

labels, label holderslabels, label holdersParts Bins, Plastic bins

Storage units and plastic containers are great for storing products you sell as well as for holding supplies, like printer paper, fittings, small parts, and office supplies.

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Get Organized with Labels & Label Holders

labels, label holders

Labels can be a less expensive but effective way to keep your files and parts organized. You can put your product in storage bins, cabinets, shelves, and put a label on it so your product is easier to find. Some labeling systems are specifically designed for use with bar code scanners and offer non-reflective plastic face.

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Carts, Dollies, Totes

floor mattingfloor mattingfloor matting

SH-FB221307 other_FB_Boxes Ted Thorsen brings you quality industrial carts and trucks including basket and hamper trucks. We offer products for industrial use as well as personal use. Browse through our large online inventory of organizational and storage products! SH-FB221307 other_FB_Boxes We have carts to fit any need, from moving clothes, parts, food, etc.

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Garment & Apparel Handling

floor mattingfloor mattingfloor matting

From retail stores, clothing manufacturers, Laundromats, dry cleaners, Ted Thorsen has clothing or apparel rack to fit your needs. We have racks to handle cloth, fabric, carpet, and much more.

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Workbenches, Tables & Workstations

floor mattingfloor mattingfloor matting

New workbenches and workstations can enhance productivity, allowing a great space for assembly, packing, shipping or inspection work. There are tables available for any application: food service, packing, prep areas, and much more.

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Floor Matting and Walkway Matting

floor mattingfloor matting

Keep your walkways safe and comfortable with anti slip floor matting. Great for walkways, entrances and sidewalks. Waterproof, work area, and anti-fatigue matting available.

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Food Service Trays and Racks

See More Information online for Food Service Trays

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Janitorial / Housekeeping Carts

janitorial carts, housekeeping carts

The perfect cart for cleaning and janitorial staff, these carts are ideal for all janitorial needs.

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Canvas and Vinyl Hamper Trucks

Standard Canvas & Vinyl Hamper Trucks
Ideal for Laundry, order picking and piecework

Use these trucks for transporting items from one station to another. Trucks have hardwood runners. Available with corner mounted casters (4 swivel) or diamond
mounted casters (2 rigid, 2 swivel). Choose from white canvas, gray or yellow vinyl coated nylon.

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Landscape, Nursery, and Agricultural Carts

Landscaping Carts

These rugged carts are great for all landscaping needs.

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We Also Offer NEW Bulk Containers!

Ted Thorsen Material Handling offers excellent pricing on pre-owned plastic bulk containers.Ted Thorsen's pre owned selection of containers allows our customers many money-saving options when choosing the right shipping and storage solution to fit their business and their budget.

*Buying USED Bulk Containers can save 50% or more in overall expense, compared to the cost of new containers!

used bulk bin, used bulk container, used bulk box

Call For Low Prices!
Minimum quantities may apply.
Collapsible bulk containers with drop doors.

All of our pre owned bulk containers are thoroughly inspected and graded prior to placing them in our sales inventory. All Ted Thorsen used bulk containers are in good or excellent condition. Used bulk containers (also referred to as bulk boxes, bulk bins, and pallet containers) are available in a variety of footprints and heights.

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